Summer Dance Project Here is a first look at our summer project exploring the complexity of Black Woman identity in the 21st century. The process I believe is more important than the execution. Therefore, we are looking at Black Woman identity and its many forms inside and outside of performance. The title comes from being one of … Continue reading Summer Dance Project


Dramaturgy Project 1

A short ( 10 minute) play by Alex Christmas. Characters: Amanda: 20 year old white female college student who is trying to bond with her new step brother, Isaiah. Isaiah: 23 year old black male, college graduate in liberal arts, lives and works in hometown. Tries to bond with new step sister Amanda, even though … Continue reading Dramaturgy Project 1


Tesseract was a complete amalgamation of dance and media, investigating new relationships between movement, film, live capture video, and science fiction. The most poignant moment for me was near the end of the second act, one dancer emerged from behind the screen and performed a solo with clear acknowledgement of the audience. This solo was … Continue reading Tesseract


Transmission The concept of transmission is complex.  I see transmission as the passing of information from one body to another.  When speaking about transmission in this dance context, I am referring to the sharing of an embodied practice.  Dance has been theorized as an essential component of culture.  Therefore, by using the term transmission, many … Continue reading Transmission