Alesondra (Alex) Christmas is a Black doctoral student in the department of Dance at The Ohio State University. Alex graduated with honors from Central Michigan University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Theater with minors in Dance and Advertising and a certificate in Cultural Competency. Alex has previously danced with the University Theater Dance Company and Hue productions. She enjoys creating work for the stage and community. Alex has collaborated with other artists to create work for musicals, religious celebrations, and weddings. Alex continues to engage in movement practice as she begins to research African American women in concert dance.

Research statement:

My research interests developed by attempting to understand who I was and how I fit into the world. I was a Black woman, a dancer, a student, and an isolated soul. My research interests developed as a way to define who I was and find other people like me. I figured that there were more people who were experiencing similar things and they deserve attention. My hope is that my research will give a voice to those who feel invisible.

My overall research interest is in African American Women in concert dance. I would like to study how identity develops through movement. I am interested in researching intersectionality and would like to examine how that has impacted the experiences of Black women in dance. I hope to complete research on the development of identity in African American women who study dance at predominantly White institutions. I hope to understand what movement practices may be home for Black bodies as they reflect and/ or resist societal norms. I hope to research how the presence or absence of Black faculty impacts students of color and majority students.

I am also interested in researching activism through movement and dance. I would like to research how bodies in space transmit ideas and provoke social engagement. I would like to research how Black people have used dance to make themselves visible. I am interested in how Black women have used dance and continue to use dance to communicate identity and unity.