To tap is to talk

My favorite move to do in dance is a time step. I love how fun and clear it sounds. I then began to wonder about other black women tappers who came before me. I was to to look into Dianne Walker.

Dianne Walker aka “Lady Di” is an amazing tap dancer. In a YouTube clip I found, she discusses using your taps as if you are talking. The sounds and style of taping is individual just like the way each person talks.

This prompted me to investigate talking in a literary sense. I was thinking, what are people talking about? I found then found the poem “Love Talk” by Ray Ross on

Jun 2018
I’d love you in the nighttime,
But you stay too far away.
I’d love you in the daytime,
But it’s all harder to say.
Come climb into bed with me,
We can dance the night away.
Through your window, morning at three,
I’ll climb in and kiss you someday.
Bring to my sleeping prince, some way,
All the words I had meant to say
I am now wondering can we talk love through Tap? I think we can and we do.

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