It’s good for you!

This semester has been a whirlwind! I have learned so much in all of my classes and i truly feel like I am growing. One skill that I am especially glad I gained is video editing. I did not post the videos I created because I did not have the consent of those being filmed, however I found the ability to alter a narrative quite thrilling. I was able to help my friend edit a video for her class. I feel like I will be able to use this skill in the future to create a teaching reel.

I have also learned a lot in terms of reading and writing. Over the summer, I was struggling to get through the two books that were assigned. However, I quickly had to learn how to go through 2 or more books per week. I feel like I’ve learned how to effectively synthesize information and discuss it without sounding like an idiot. I am very glad to not have to do that for a month. However, I know it is a skill that will aid me going forward.

I have also learned how to produce questions from a text. I had never really been asked to questions a text before this semester. Before graduate school it was this idea that if it was written by a scholar it was fact. However I feel like I learned how to think more myself while engaging with the material. This allowed me to question things without feeling inferior.

Overall graduate school has made my head hurt. Yet, I know it hurts from the information being poured into it and the growth that I guess is good for me. It’s like having to eat broccoli as a child. It’s disgusting but it helps you in the long run. (I hope!) This experience is truly unique and when I step back and look at my life, I know I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I think I’m right where I am supposed to be.


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