“You’re going to be fine”

With the end of the semester approaching, I am stressed all the way out. Imposter syndrome is at an all time high for me right now. One of the things that is actually not currently helping is the endless positive affirmation I have been receiving. While I know that everyone who says it means it sincerely, it stresses me out. I feel like every time someone tells me “you’re great” or “you’re going to be fine” they raise the stakes. What happens if I’m not great? What happens if I fail? What happens if I’m not fine? What happens then? I feel like I will let everyone in my life down. I feel like if this doesn’t work out I won’t know what to do.

However, I just cried and talked to my mom on the phone for two hours so I feel better than I did earlier. I have no motivation, but I do have fear and my deadlines are quickly approaching. So, there is really no time for tears. Pray for me y’all!


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